Thank you for your interest in hosting the Singing Men of East Texas (SMET).  We pray that our music will be a blessing to you and that, above all, our God will be glorified.

As part of the Concert Agreement, the Host Church will be responsible for the following:

  • Publicize the concert in the church and community in advance
  • Have sanctuary or concert location available by 12:30 pm on the day of concert
  • Provide light refreshments for approximately 65 men (3:30 pm)
  • Provide an evening meal for approximately 65 men (5:30 pm)
  • If an organ is available, please have it unlocked and ready for use
  • Provide a well-tuned piano
  • Remove all unnecessary platform equipment
  • Provide 8 music stands for brass players
  • Provide a large table in the foyer for the sale of CD’s and DVD’s
  • Provide handbells and all necessary equipment if available
  • Make provision for an offering to be taken during the concert

By submitting the following info, you are agreeing to the responsibilities listed above: